■ Teamex Corporation was established in 1986 in New Jersey and has been one of the
    leading trading and servicing company in digital electronics and appliance industry. 
   ▶ We specialize in import and distribution as well as providing reverse logistics
      including customer service.
   ▶ With over 25 years of experiences in digital electronics and appliance industry,
     Teamex Corp. has attracted more and  more manufacturers each year to distribute
     their products, provide reverse logistics including customer service or both.

■ Location
      • Headquarter in Fairfield, NJ.
• Factory in Carlstadt, NJ.

■ Businesses
• Reverse Logistics
         - Product Return Center / Product Refurbishment
• Product Distribution
         - Brand-new Products / Refurbished Products
• Customer Service
         - Call Center / Parts Depot / ASC Network Management

Fairfield Office